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Somewhere Bars’ passion is to offer our family a chance to relax and network outside their home with like-minded individuals at a shared place they all appreciate. This fostering, community mindset in turn has a positive effect on overall community here in the Treasure Valley – and even further.

One of the lessons we have learned throughout our lives is that that a bar isn’t just a place for drinking. The community you build by being part of the family is valuable for improving your own life and the lives of those around you.

We aspire to build an enduring, learning organization that will continue the trend and grow through our ever-changing culture and environment.
Friendship and community are probably two of the most important factors that influence both our health and well-being. With the increase of social media and our digital world, life tends to be online rather than in person. Having a safe, relaxed environment becomes even more necessary – a place for firsts and lasts, memories and laughter.

When a bar it is done right, you can immediately feel the friendly atmosphere and want to stay for a while. It really comes down to a few things: the warmth of space, your favorite refreshments, and most critically, the people of Somewhere.

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